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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
Whether you are looking to gain experience or give back to your community, Fairfield Arts and Convention Center is the place for you. The FACC is a non-profit convention center dedicated to bringing quality performances to Southeast Iowa. Help our community grow and foster an appreciation for the arts.

As a volunteer we take your needs into account. We match your goals and interests to your volunteering experience. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities such as: theater, events, parties, weddings, and office work.

Descriptions for Volunteering Opportunities


Welcoming / Director:
Stand in lobby near entrances to welcome patrons and assist patrons in locating the restrooms, will call line, theater entrances, concessions stand, etc

Will Call Attendant:
Help in ticket office to hand out already purchased tickets to patrons.  Give purchased tickets and receipts to patrons.  Point out their seats on their seating chart and direct them to correct side of theater to enable easy access.

Water Sales Attendant:
At shows wither lower attendance we tend to just sell water in the atrium.  Volunteer will be stationed near ticket office with cooler of water to sell before show and during intermission.  See ticket office staff for further instruction.

Merchandise Attendant:
Tend to merchandise table prior to show, during intermission and post show.  Help with inventory layout, sales of items and counting sales at end.  See ticket office staff for further instruction.

Greeters stand outside of the theater, welcome patrons and offer them a show program. Greeters close house doors once show has begun.

Ticket Taker:
General Admission Shows (GA)
Ticket takers stand inside inner doors, take tickets and inform patrons to sit where they like.
Reserved Shows
Ticket takers stand in the entrance hall of the theater near the inner doors , ask for tickets and rip the ticket stubs, give tickets to an usher when one is available.  If it is especially busy, hand the ticket back to the patron and have them wait for an available usher to seat them.

Ushers stand inside of theater doors and show patrons to their seats.  If a patron tells you they know where their seat is and would like to seat themselves that is no problem.
Theater maps are available to study layout of the theater if needed.
For full houses, ushers will be stationed on both levels.   Lower level ushers can direct patrons upstairs to upper level ushers to further direct to their seats, so that lower level ushers remain on main floor.

Office Support

Job Description:
We need someone to help us with simple clerical duties such as filing, preparing mailings, making copies and helping with other things that may arise.

Tasks: Filing; Stuffing, addressing, and stamping mailings; Making copies; Run small errands to and from the post office and print shop

Skills: You'll need to be able to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Requirements: You'll need to sign a confidentiality form and we are looking for individuals or are college-age or older.

Availability: The need for Office Support would be on a schedule basis, with times being any time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Concessions and Merchandise Assistant

Job Description:
This position includes setting up and selling of goods before an event, during intermission, and after an event.

Tasks: Set up goods; take money and make change; help put away goods and pick up area; return cash to safe or staff member

Skills: You'll need to be comfortable handling money, be capable of simple math, have a good customer service attitude and presence, and be comfortable speaking to and interacting with the public.

Requirements: We need a trustworthy individual. You'll need to wear black bottoms with a white top--or event appropriate attire. You'll need to be timely and be able to handle a face paced environment well.

Availability: We would need help on an event schedule basis, primarily in the evenings and on weekends. Volunteers need to be college-age or older.

Event Assistant

Job Description:
This position includes assisting in set-up, helping during, and tearing down after an event.

Tasks: Set up tables and chairs; prepare tables with table cloths, skirts, and place settings; fold napkins; shine silverware and polish glasses; during event--fill water glasses and bus tables; after event--clear tables, disassemble table and chairs, sweep and mop, and help with dishes

Skills: You'll need to have the physical capabilities to do some of the aforementioned tasks. You'll need a willingness to help with whatever you can, based on your ability. You'll need to be friendly while interacting with the public. You'll need to pay attention to detail and be able to follow given directions.

Requirements: You'll need to wear black bottoms and a white top if you are working during the event. A presentable appearance and attire is expected.

Availability: This position is also event based. The times that you would come and help us would vary with our needs and staff availability as well. We are looking for individuals and groups who are high school age or older.

Marketing Material and Information Distributor

Job Description:
This position would distribute posters, fliers, brochures, or other marketing materials to various community locations.

Tasks: Pick up materials from the Center; put up posters on boards or hand materials to the front desk/receptionist to put up/distribute; initial distribution checklist and return it to Sasha--also note any problems or observations (e.g. new business interested in material or a business wishing to no longer receive material); communicate information and appreciation with the public

Skills: You would need either the ability to drive or the willingness to walk to community locations. You'll be expected to work without supervision and to complete tasks without being checked on while representing the Center well to the community. You will need the ability to communicate information about the materials you are distributing with the public and show appreciation for their willingness to spread the word.

Requirements: We need a trustworthy individual who either has their own car or who is willing to walk to community locations. You would need to have a presentable appearance and attire for public interaction.

Availability: This task is on-going. Distribution may happen any day Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are looking for individuals and groups who are high school age or older.

Contact information:
Francesca Greco
Ticket Office & Volunteer Coordinator
641-472-ARTS (2787)

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