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Scheduling Policy & License Procedure - PDF
This document is essential on how to rent the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. It provides the first time user with a step-by-step guideline, with associated time-line, on how to schedule an event and what documentation is required. Certain forms described within can be found on the Administrative Forms Page .

Facility Policies - PDF
This addendum to the lease agreement enumerates the various rules, regulations & requirements that govern use of the facility.

Sound Pressure Level Policy - PDF
It has been well established that when the SPL (regardless of initial quality) exceeds a certain magnitude within the Center, the resulting acoustical distortion invariably causes numerous patron complaints. Consequently, in order to maintain our reputation in the community as a place of fine acoustics, and to assure an enjoyable experience for all patrons, the Center has found it necessary to establish a method of SPL regulation.

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