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John and Coralee Dey Barhydt Organ

John and Coralee Dey Barhydt Organ
The 21 rank, 1800 pipe, 3 manual Möller organ was installed in Barhydt Chapel in 1966. The dedication naming the Barhydt organ for donors John and Coralee Dey was held April 25, 2010 in the Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. In the process of moving the organ to the Sondheim Center, John Connet has reconditioned and modernized the organ along with installing a computer system in the console.
The mission of the John and Coralee Dey Barhydt Organ Committee is:
To ensure the ongoing maintenance, development and public awareness of the Barhydt organ and organ music in general.
•  Obtain financial support for maintenance, programming and organ education.
• Invite professional organists to perform recitals.
• Engage wider audiences with various organ styles.
• Inspire use of the organ for local choir and other concerts, as well as innovative collaborations.
• Arrange demonstrations of the organ for local school children.
• Support development of future generations of local organists.
• Encourage excellence in the performance of organ music.
The estimated replacement value of the organ is now over one million dollars. Only a rare musical instrument as valuable as a Stradivarius violin is worth as much or more than our pipe organ. Pipe organs are usually the most valuable musical instrument in any town. It is important that we use the Barhydt organ and keep it in good working order. The Barhydt Organ Committee includes organists, those interested in organ music and community members who have a concern for developing an audience interested in organ music. Committee members: John Connet, Doug Daller, Jim Davis, John and Coralee Dey,Werner Elmker, Robert Glocke, Ed Kelenyi, Rustin Lippincott, Gary Roth, Dee Sandquist and Robert Tree.
Donations are Welcome!
There are 3 organ funds:  Organ Maintenance Fund, Organ Performance Fund & Organ Endowment Fund.
Donations to the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Your generous, tax deductible donations allow the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center to continue presenting organ programs and for the restoration and maintenance of the John and Coralee Dey Barhydt Organ. There are sponsorship opportunities available for various programs with the organ.
The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center will provide donation acknowledgement letters for all donations for tax purposes.  
Please specify how much you are donating to each fund.
Checks can be sent to: The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. Attn.: Barhydt Organ, 200 N. Main Street, Fairfield, IA 52556.

Videos of recent performances on the Barhydt Organ

Jan Kraybill - Bach: Sinfonia from Cantata 29
David Baskeyfield - Highlights from silent movie performance of Phantom of the Opera
Carl Moehlman - Excerpts from Eleven Chorale Preludes by Johannes Brahms
Dee Sandquist - Bach: Prelude in F Major • Sibelius: Finlandia Chorale
Werner Elmker - Bach: Fantasia in G minor, excerpts • Improvisation by Werner Elmker
Organ and piano demonstration for school kids at the Sondheim


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